I want to share with you the reason behind my passion for The Release Effect. For over twenty years I suffered bi-polar (manic/depression). I would go from extremes of feeling invincible one day to totally powerless the next. These mood swings cost me countless personal, business and social relationships. My search for an answer to my lack of control over my life led me to some very interesting places, from acupuncture zen, psychology to re-programming, re-birthing and primal therapy, the list goes on and on. My room looked like a self-help bookshop, with rows of books that became my lifeline to getting back to shore when I'd totally lose the plot. All of these approaches seemed to work, but only for a time, eventually the feelings of worthlessness, helplessness and hopelessness would return. Have you been there in some way? From all these courses, books and therapies, the penny finally dropped when I did the release effect sessions and realized that the feelings themselves were the problem, not "why" and "where" the feelings came from, just the actual feeling. A google study of the Amygdala will make this clearer. The result of this lifetime of searching is The Release Effect.