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having spent many thousands of pounds over 25 years, trying to cure my panic and depression, a friend told me I could change my life in a few sessions with "TRE", I told her not to be so ridiculous...

later, having learned that this was a technique that broke all the rules because it worked on feelings, not thoughts, somehow, it made sense because after all, as a baby, I felt before I could think. I didn't know if it would help me but I had nothing to lose, I had tried everything else

I never thought I would be ‘baggage free’ and believed the rest of my life would be clouded and fearful.  I never believed I would be happy and at peace with myself

I am writing this, because it did change my life.  
I have been happy for 8 years (dec 2009) and I can't recommend enough this new, alternative, non-invasive way to a happy existence. ‘The Release Effect’ changed my life and I can't see why it can't change yours as well.



“friendships are infinitely more satisfying and life is generally more enjoyable...”

“everything changed for the better, some changes were immediate and others gradual...”

“I noticed a surge of extra energy and focus that were suddenly available to me...”

"I am fascinated by personal development and have tried many different methods and technologies to learn how to change myself and to help others change. Much to my surprise, The Release Effect is very different from anything else I have tried. It took much less effort and was much more effective in removing the inner barriers that were stopping me from being who I really want to be."
“I was always a happy person, but now my feelings of happiness are so much deeper and I feel that what I can achieve is completely unlimited."



"the benefits of The Release Effect are ongoing and cumulative and I'm realizing more on a daily basis, with many pleasant surprises! The immediate effect was profound, resulting in unexpected levels of calm and confidence. 



"at last I am satisfied with life as a person who had overcome pretty unusual challenges from an early age by being fiercely resourceful and self-reliant. Because of my upbringing, I ended up achieving mastery in "Coping", without really realizing how much energy it actually took. That's why I noticed a surge of extra energy and focus that were suddenly available to me right after the first session. 



"the immediate effect was that I could concentrate and be more focused in what I do. Before I had internal conflicts in my head which caused me to procrastinate. After doing The Release Effect, I could 'just do it'. The Release Effect was like taking a pill in the movie The Matrix because it helped me reach a new level of understanding. Now, about 2 years later, I still have many things to learn and I'm going through different ups and downs and new decisions all the time, but from a new level of awareness."



"I noticed that I felt calmer and more grounded after each session. I totally enjoy public speaking now after the sessions."



“like most people I was skeptical, especially with the statement: "only five sessions needed to:... : But then again, that was also maybe what attracted and made me make the commitment. What if, indeed, only a few sessions were needed to feel better about myself, cope, deal and handle the daily hassles better,?  The rest is history”.  
“Release Effect also helped me to sleep? The reason I am writing this is because miracles happen, it seems. Thanks Ray, by helping me “release” me, I now feel great, lost 16 kg, (even my sister doesn't recognize me), and I sleep like a baby”.



“my work, creativity and relationships have all improved...”



“I think Release is a gift. I did it half a year ago and still can’t measure how deeply it affected me. It seems that I’m now able to see life from a whole new perspective, because clarity and inner peace allow me to recognize certain unwanted habits and patterns without judgement. And this way I’m able to change them. That’s great.



I decided to do The Release Effect after seeing the results of the sessions on a friend.  His life was totally transformed. I thought 'WOW- I want some of that!”



“It's been more then a year now that I met you by chance, or was it luck, fate, or Divine providence?”
 “I wanted to finally break the negative circle and get rid of unwanted negative emotions permanently,who doesn't?  When I was told I only need to attend 3 sessions, and there was no need for analysis or delving into my personal history, to be honest, it sounded like one of those “too good to be true stories”  but I could sense there was something sincere and honest about it and because I was smart enough to ask my self the question: “what if it does work, what have I got to lose”. 
I eventually committed to do the Release sessions.  thanks Ray for your great desire and love to help others. Release has relieved me indeed of many habitual negative feelings. You helped me to "release and let go!".



“I did The Release Effect sessions about four years ago. At the time I was strung up and directionless. Having tried many mainstream and alternative therapies, I had just about had enough. Two things tipped me in favour of giving it a go. Firstly the promise of only five sessions at an extraordinary low fee, particularly compared with other options and secondly the lack of need to disclose details and specifics. I needed only to divulge my negative feelings and the rest was simple”. 
“since then everything has changed for the better, some changes being immediate and others gradual. 
I went from one dead end job to the next for fifteen previous years. Now i run my own sales business and have a hobby as a performer which is doing well. All of this in hindsight appears to have happened like magic”.



“when I found The Release Effect (or it found me!) I was in a state of pretty constant panic. I had just been through the most traumatic period of my life in memory. My concept of myself and the world around me was fleeting and chaotic, and my ability to form stable relationships was severely handicapped. I won't even go into the state of my school work!, flash forward nine months, and I find myself a much more relaxed and happy person. I can now be a functional student in my Neuroscience degree, my friendships are infinitely more satisfying and life is generally more enjoyable. This shift in my ways of thinking and feeling is directly related to the sessions I did with Ray - of this, I have no doubt. I live now in what seems like a new world."