“how many sessions”

The Release Effect works in five relaxing sessions. This is usually enough, although some clients can want to have a top-up session down the track, It’s best to wait at least three to six months before having a fourth session, as you might only be experiencing the old symptoms that will eventually drop away.

“what is the release effect”

The Release Effect is best summed up as a gentle, guided meditation, that helps you let go of all the unwanted, negative feeling triggers that cause you to self sabotage and thus stop you from reaching your full potential.

“what can the release effect help with”

to release your feelings of: helplessness, hurt, anxiety, loneliness, fear of failure, abandonment, guilt, unworthiness, sadness, insecurity, jealousy, hopelessness, fear of fear and blocked etc, etc, etc. the symptoms from these feelings - i,e. anger and procrastination - will eventually drop away as well.

feelings of lost, poverty, lack and held back have also been successfully treated.  if you can be aware that you feel it, you can heal it.  

“do the symptoms drop away as well”

if someone does something and your feeling of hurt triggers, you might get angry back at them to try and stop them from doing the thing that triggers you,  so the anger would be the symptom and the feeling of hurt the cause.  (instead of getting angry, others might retreat into themselves).

if the feeling of hurt stops, you will not need to react angrily from it. you will not need to avoid people and situations that you trigger from either.  you might choose to avoid them, but you won’t need to avoid them anymore.  Although the habit of your reaction might be there for awhile, it will also start diminishing over time.

“what about psycho-somatic symptoms”

symptoms can also be psycho-somatic (mind-body). for example, when the fight or flight reaction triggers, we might have increased heart beat, respiration and adrenaline pumping. for the body to get the energy to do this, it needs to under-stimulate other systems to take the energy to where you need it in an emergency.  it might under-stimulate the digestive, reproductive and immune systems. 

this can lead to all sorts of problems like, hormonal/chemical imbalances, lowering of nutrient assimilation and reduced cell repair via the immune system. 

a plethora of other symptoms can appear as well, including psychological, behavioral, physiological and spiritual, for example, a feeling of separation instead of connectedness.

“isn’t fight or flight good for us”

the fight or flight system was designed before we evolved a rational brain (cortex/neo-cortex).  it was designed for temporary emergencies, not situations that are on-going, like feelings of anxiety that always seem to be lurking in the background, for no appropriate reason. when these anxieties diminish, you will still have the fight or flight system intact, but it will only operate when appropriate, instead of an omnipresent feeling when there is no real danger.

“but, aren’t these feelings and symptoms who I am”

it depends on whether you want them to be who you are. until The Release Effect, you had no choice, now you can choose to feel negative about yourself and the world, or you can choose to feel good about yourself and the world.  the good feelings are the real you. 

ask yourself this question: if you had a chance to help your child to not feel bad about them self but rather feel worthy and deserving, what would you choose?  would you say, “oh no, I don’t want them to let go of those negative feelings, because that’s who they are”.  

if your answer is no, then why would you choose that for yourself.  you can continue to be a slave to your sub-conscious feeling triggers, or you can now be free to choose your response to situations.

“but if I don’t feel fear and hurt, then how will I keep safe”

The Release Effect only helps you to let go of inappropriate fears and hurts that keep recurring but serve no worthwhile purpose.  it’s up to you, if you think life works better feeling fearful, rather than confident and rational, then that is your choice.  

imagine for a moment that you are going on an expedition to climb a treacherous rock-face, and you have a choice of joining team “a” with a very fearful guide, who is nervous and feels hurt by even the slightest challenge to his authority, or team “b”, led by a guide who feels confident, rationally cautious and welcomes questions from people who might be a bit nervous on their first climb? which would you choose?  if you chose “a” then the release effect is probably not for you, although you probably need it more than those who chose “b”.

“if I let go of my habitual fears, won’t I then see the world differently”


“how long are the sessions”

the first session is usually of 2 hours duration, sometimes a little shorter, rarely longer, followed by two more sessions of approximately 1hr to 1hr 15mins. although, the sessions are open ended, so there is no time limit, no 50 minute hour ticking away.

“how far apart are the sessions spaced”

sessions are usually spaced 3 days to a week apart. a minimum of at least one sleep is required between each session. 

“are follow-up sessions available”

yes, follow up sessions are available. It’s best to wait 3-6 months before booking a follow up session, as you might only be experiencing the discomfort of old habits that are dropping away once the original feeling has been released. 

You might have heard of the Phantom Limb Syndrome, where an amputee still feels an itch in the missing limb and tries to scratch it, but eventually the mind body connections learn that the limb isn’t there and the person stops feeling the itch and of course the need to scratch it.

everyone is different. a small percentage of people have had as many as 2 or 3 extra sessions over a nine year period, whereas most people average 1-2 sessions over the same period and some feel no need for follow up sessions.  follow up sessions (up to fifth session) only cost a quarter the fee of an original session

“why are follow-up sessions needed at all”

you might not become aware of a certain feeling that has been deeply buried until other feelings have cleared, to make way for you to be able to have the ability to look that little bit deeper, without the fear of the domino effect of all the other feelings triggering as well.  

after the first five sessions, any other negative feelings not dealt with, will seem more like an irritating wave, rather than an uncontrollable tsunami. one extra session is enough to let it go, you don’t need to do five follow-up sessions.

“why wasn’t this approach discovered earlier”

why wasn’t the personal computer invented before late last century, why weren’t mp3 players invented earlier. the fact is that they were, in a cruder and usually larger form.  an acubus was a computer and a phonograph record was a bigger mp3 player.  

most things termed “new” are not discoveries or inventions at all, they are innovations and improvements on what came before them. 

unfortunately, modern psychology has been top heavy with analysis at the exclusion of feelings ever since Descartes said “I think, therefore I am”.  if only he’d said, “I feel, therefore I am”, the release effect or the equivalent would have been discovered centuries ago. 

as a baby, you feel, before you think, so feelings are the foundation of your consciousness, not thoughts.

the most important quality humans have, is the way they feel, and yet, in all the years we study biology, sociology and psychology, in school and university, we might never have even one lesson on understanding feelings.  

the release effect is at the forefront of a revolution in equality, of feeling.  the poorest can have the same quality as the richest if they feel inner peace and self acceptance.  quality of life is, the way you feel.

“who can benefit from the release effect”

anyone with a heartbeat and the ability to be aware that they have negative feelings, can have success with the release effect.  feelings have no borders. whether a person is blue collar, white collar, pink collar, scholarly, naive, rich, poor, white, black or brown.  as long you want to change the way you feel, The Release Effect can work for you.

“can I afford the release effect”

The Release Effect is very affordable, even taking into account any follow-up sessions that might be required, The Release Effect provides the best therapeutic value for your money.  In fact, a lot of people report back that they are saving money for the first time in their lives, because they don’t need to buy useless status symbols anymore to prove that they are worthwhile, because they already feel worthwhile after the sessions. Many others report that they are earning more as well, as a consequence of feeling more self confident.

“it seems too good to be true, why wasn’t it discovered earlier”

it’s understandable that it seems too good to be true, this is one of the unfortunate side effects of revolutionary innovations, it usually takes many years for them to be accepted. here are some quotes about other innovations that in their time would have seemed fantastical, but are now considered a part of every day life.

Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.
— Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895
No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris.
— Orville Wright, 1903
Louis Pasteur’s theory of germs is ridiculous fiction.
— Pierre Pachet, professor of physiology at Toulouse, 1872
We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.
— Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962
Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?
— H.M. Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927
The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?
— David Sarnoff's associates in response to his urgings for investment in the radio in the 1920s
This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.
— Western Union internal memo, 1876

“why hasn’t the release effect been clinically trial-led”

clinical trials cost a lot of money, usually outside the budget of alternative medicine organizations. most clinical trials are funded by drug companies and government health budgets for orthodox medicine only.  

the best that The Release Effect can offer at the moment, is people’s own testimonials.  although these subjective opinion’s of people’s experiences with The Release Effect are not empirical evidence, they are in a way the only evidence to really measure its  effectiveness.  how else does one measure the changes in how a person feels about themselves and life in general.  unfortunately, feelings can’t be seen through a microscope.  

“the release effect seems similar to other healing technologies”

The Release Effect can seem similar to many different approaches, but keep in mind that we do not try to get people hooked into a belief system, or a  never-ending cycle of analysis or regression into their past, also there is no hierarchical structure. you work one on one with the facilitator and the sessions are all you need to do. 

nothing to read, no body-work, no analysis, no meditation techniques to learn, no dogma, just a gentle releasing of the feelings that got you hooked on therapies, cults, gurus and self help books in the first place.  you are then free to actually live your life the way you choose.

“how can I get more information on the release effect”

you can write to the following email address:  I use a Hotmail account because of my heavy traveling schedule.  if possible, leave a phone number where you can be reached.  

don’t be afraid of hard sell tactics or feeling obligated, there is no pressure, just questions answered, the decision to change can only come from you, no one else can change you if you don’t want to change.